The Benefits of Yoga for Cancer Patients

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The patients who have been diagnosed with cancer will undergo painful treatment regimens, stress, and emotional trauma.

Therapeutic activities mostly like yoga can complement cancer-fighting medical treatment to help heal the body, mind, and spirit in the midst of the cancer battle. It has been proven by several studies that Yoga can combat fatigue and improve the strength, range of motion of patients undergoing cancer treatment.

1. Lower fatigue:

Several studies had stated that yoga will reduce fatigue in cancer patients. it has been stated that there is a significant decrease in fatigue by practicing yoga, and three studies Trusted Source showed that patients’ fatigue decreased the more yoga sessions they did per week.

2. Reduce stress:

It is very stressful to battle life-threatening diseases physically, emotionally, and mentally. The only thing that can help you in such conditions is Yoga. Yoga may be able to help with this aspect of cancer as well. One study found that practicing a seven-week yoga routine was able to reduce the likelihood of developing “mood disturbance” by up to 65 percent. Another research Trusted Source has found that the reduction in stress also improves the quality of life, appetite, and could be responsible for the reduction in pain.

3. Improve physical functioning:

Cancer affects your ability to move it is mostly seen in patients with cancer. Spending time in the hospital or being sick at home can make the body weak and make it more difficult to complete day-to-day tasks. As a regular form of exercise, yoga is a gentle way to stay active. A review of 16 trials trusted Source found that regular yoga practice can improve functional well-being in both cancer patients and survivors.

4. Sleep better:

It is well known that patients suffering from mental and physical stress will face a problem sleeping, but healing the body requires ample rest. Yoga can help with insomnia and make it easier for cancer patients to relax at night. Some research Trusted Source has found yoga to be able to help improve sleep quality, efficiency, and duration.

5. Lower risk of recurrence:

“It has been shown to result in decreased body fat density, which can help to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence,” says Dr. DiNome of regular yoga practice. Obesity is a risk factor trusted Source for cancer, and managing your risks is important even after a diagnosis and recovery. Regular exercise through yoga is just one way of keeping the risk at bay.

Bellofatto recommends four poses to get started:

1. Seated Spinal Twist:

Bellofatto says this pose can help with digestion and nausea. Start by sitting cross-legged on the floor.

  1. Breathe deeply.
  2. On the exhale, slowly twist your body to look over your right shoulder, placing your left hand on your right knee and your right hand behind your body.
  3. Breathe deeply and hold the stretch.

2. Legs up the Wall:

Also known as Viparita Karani, this pose can help combat fatigue.

  1. Sit on the floor with your left side against the wall.
  2. Turn to the left and bring your legs up against the wall as you lower your body into a prone position.
  3. Scoot your buttocks against the wall.
  4. Your shoulders and head will rest on the floor while your legs stretch up the wall in this relaxed position.

3. Reclined Bound Angle:

Supta Baddha Konasana can also reduce fatigue and stress.

    1. Begin seated and bring your feet together in front of you, with the soles facing one another, knees bent and heels pointing toward your groin.
    2. Slowly lie back, supporting yourself with your arms until your back is against the floor.
    3. Relax and breathe deeply, with arms out to your sides.

4. Seated Meditation:

A beginner pose, seated meditation helps you to focus on breathing and mindfulness.

  1. Sit on the floor with your legs crossed in front of you.
  2. Feel your sitting bones in contact with the floor.
  3. Lengthen your spine to sit up tall, and gently drop your chin down slightly so your neck is aligned with your spine.
  4. Breathe deeply and try to keep your mind from wandering.

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