Real-life inspiring story of Leela with “blessing in disguise”

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“Oh My God, I can’t imagine myself seeing my own heart dancing on the beautiful rhythm.” Leela was really excited when I asked her whether she wants to see the recorded videos and photos of her surgery during the follow-up visit. She was almost awed when she saw a big football-sized tumor in her chest which was compressing the lung and pushing the heart to the right side.
Leela, an aspiring Chartered Accountant Intern went to a physician at Vijayawada for breathing difficulties to rule out COVID 19 infection. To her surprise, the CT scan revealed it was a massive tumour in the chest which was compressing the heart and lung causing the respiratory symptoms mimicking like COVID infection. We operated upon her during this COVID pandemic. It was 6 hours long complex surgery performed by a highly expert team of surgeons. A massive 4.5 Kg tumor removed successfully and we discharged her with a big smile. I thank all my team members Dr. Nagarjuna, Dr. Satya Shreedhar, Dr. Prashanth, and all staff of Yashoda Hospital, Somajiguda for this big achievement.
So it was because of COVID symptoms, she had been accidentally diagnosed with massive Intrathoracic Teratoma which was present since her birth but manifested now due to an increase in size over the period of time.

So once again, time proved that whatever happens in our life is for good only. We may not understand at that time but retrospectively we will able to connect the dots…

In gratitude always…

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