Prostate cancer awareness

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Recent studies have proven that a patient undergoing prostate cancer treatment may save lives and have a better survival rate.
i.e. 91%

It is crucial to be aware of causes,risk factors and prevention of prostate cancer which has become one of the top 10 leading cancers in India.

Prostate is a small walnut shaped gland present in male reproductive system.
It also termed as Prostatic Carcinoma caused by many factors such as;

  • Mutations in genes
  • Race
  • Older Age and
  • Obesity
Let us know What are Warning Signs/Symptoms of Prostate Cancer?
    1. Pain and/or a “burning sensation” when urinating or ejaculating.
    2. Trouble in urination.
    3. Erectile dysfunction.
    4. Pain or stiffness in back, hips and pelvis
    5. Blood in the urine and semen.
    6. Boney Pain.
    7. Sometimes a backache.
    8. Haematuria(i.e.Blood in the urine)
    9. Blood in Semen.
    10. Incomplete Evacuation.
Don’t get afraid without any screening tests like ultrasound, MRI, and prostate biopsy to confirm the malignancy of prostate cancer and the stage of the disease.
Diagnose your Prostate cancer whether it is Benign or Malignant prostate tumor

There is a simple blood test to detect PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen),a protein released by prostate tissue. Dr.Sachin Marda always recommends regular PSA test after the age 55+.

How to prevent it:

To prevent prostate cancer there is no proven way till the date.However by making healthy choices you can reduce risk levels.

  • Healthy diet
  • Physical activity
  • Intake of some drugs such as aspirin
  • Dietary supplements help in prevention.
  • Routine PSA test 

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