October 2020: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Throughout the world, October is celebrated as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2020. This month, Oct 2020 is crucial for many cancer research organizations and medical facilities for raising funds and bringing awareness among people for combating breast cancer and furthering advancements in breast cancer research.

Most forms of breast cancers are curable, provided they are diagnosed in the early stages of the disease. Interestingly, women in military bases throughout the world are the ones that are affected the most by this disease. Read on to find out everything you wanted to know about this deadly disease, including breast cancer facts, early warnings, screenings, prevention, and awareness.

Interesting Facts About Breast Cancer:

  • The Pink Ribbon is symbolic of Breast Cancer Awareness Month Oct 2020
  • Statistics from the American Cancer Society suggest that more than a quarter of a million women in the USA were victims of breast cancer for the year 2015
  • Statistics from the American Cancer Society suggest that 1 in every 8 women in the nation may get afflicted with invasive breast cancer
  • One of the common myths about Breast Cancer is that only women are affected by it, but this isn’t true; very rarely even men become victims of breast cancer
  • 90% of victims of breast cancer are women over the age of 50 and only 10% of them have ages below 45

What is the Main Cause for Breast Cancer?

While there are many causes for Breast Cancer, genetic mutations inherited from family members is the number one reason for most affected patients. One is at a higher risk for breast cancer if their near and dear from their family members have a history of genetic mutations. If you by any chance fall under this category, we advise you to visit your nearest cancer specialist for an expert opinion on how likely are you to develop this disease and how effectively you can overcome it by following preventive mechanisms. One of the best ways to fight breast cancer is early prevention. Don’t wait until you are diagnosed with the disease.

Breast Cancer Early warnings

It would be wise to look for any early signs of warnings associated with the disease, such proactive steps can help cure the disease easily and cost-effectively with minimum medical expenditure. Some of the obvious signs are

  • A lump on the breast or underarm area
  • Red coloration of the skin on the breast
  • A size variation of the breasts from the normal
  • A rash on the nipples
  • A discharge of blood from the areola

You need to consult a reliable cancer specialist if you feel you have developed at least one or all of the warning signs mentioned above. Please note that early detection is the key to curing all types of Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer Screenings

  • Mammogram: Mammogram screenings rely on the use of X-rays for diagnosis of any suspicious findings of breast cancer and this is done in the early stages
  • Breast Ultrasound: This method makes use of ultrasound waves to detect breast cancer and often it is used in the early stages of the disease.
  • MRI Screening: This method relies on radio and magnetic waves to take pictures of the affected breasts and is generally used for getting a bigger picture after undergoing mammograms, Breast Ultrasound & MRI screenings.
  • Biopsy: This is a procedure that involves taking samples of the breast cells and testing them for the diagnosis of breast cancer
  • Clinical Breast Exam: A physical inspection of the breasts by the concerned doctor for ascertaining this cancerous disease.

What to Do For Breast Cancer Awareness?

The Breast Cancer Awareness Month is celebrated in October of every year and lasts for the entire tenure of 30 days. This year, the celebrations will commence on Thursday, October 1st, 2020, and will end Saturday, October 31st, 2020. This month is dedicated to the awareness of breast cancer and the victims of this deadly disease.

Social organizations dealing with breast cancer and its research are the ones that need your help for uplifting the current level of medical facilities and innovation in breast cancer treatment. Adequate breast cancer funding and research is the need of the hour and Breast Cancer Awareness Month- is the best time for such organizations and people to spread its awareness.

How the US Military Spreads Breast Cancer Awarenesin Oct 2020

As pointed at the very beginning, women in military camps across all nations, especially the United States of America are the biggest victims of breast cancer. It’s interesting to note that the US military spreads the awareness of the disease to its military bases in October by promoting educational videos about breast cancer and its prevention via programs on television: The Pentagon Channel and the American Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS).

Ways to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness in Oct 2020

Most of us are aware that the whole world is currently experiencing a partial lockdown of most commercial activities like shopping, dining, and learning at colleges/universities due to the ongoing pandemic Covid19. We thought it makes complete sense to come out with new ways of creating Breast Cancer Awareness in October 2020 for both cancer organizations and individual citizens in the context of COVID19.

  • Breast Cancer organizations working for a social cause of breast cancer awareness can include pink color masks with the Pink Ribbon logo in their list of merchandise for promoting breast cancer awareness Oct 2020.
  • Organizations with a social cause can organize long marathons or breast cancer awareness walks 2020 in their respective neighborhoods to promote the message of breast cancer awareness.
  • Breast Cancer organizations can make use of the big 5 social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest to promote inspirational stories, news, and posters associated with Breast Cancer.
  • Responsible citizens of all nations across the globe can help cancer organizations thrive by making donations for the advancement of breast cancer research and medical innovation.
  • Since sanitizing of hands is a must during this pandemic of COVID19, cancer organizations can indulge in free giveaways of sanitizers with a pink color theme and embossed Pink Ribbon logo to highlight the significance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month Oct 2020.
  • Young individuals can stick pictures of the Pink Ribbon on their bikes, paint the Pink Ribbon logo on their shoes, and decorate their house interiors with posters portraying messages about breast cancer awareness.

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