My Book


Since I have been treating cancer patients for more than a decade, I realized there was so much inspiration in each patient’s cancer treatment journey. They are ‘the unsung heroes and the living role models. Cancer survivors have a lot of things to share about their lives. Their unparalleled resilience to survive is truly commendable. I have seen them going through hardships at all levels, physical, emotional, and financial, from very close quarters. Here are eleven absolutely mind-blowing stories of the strength and determination of our warriors. These 11 warriors are the epitome of amazing spirit and resilience, despite all that they have been through. This book is about the incredible journey that made these ordinary people- extraordinary. We intend that this book will provide essential insights and knowledge about cancer. This unique holistic book has all the information about various types of cancer, the latest treatments, prevention, complementary therapies, emotional wellness and the importance of a healthy mind and a healthy body. We believe this book will serve as an ultimate survival guide, with its small doses of wisdom, guidance, and unlimited inspiration. Most importantly, this book is the most befitting tribute to all the cancer warriors.