How to overcome Depression?

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How to overcome Depression?

It is very easy to overcome depression, by making some changes to lifestyle

Exercise :

It has been proved that exercise can lead to improvement in mild to moderate depression.
However that some studies are inconclusive about the benefits of exercise on depression Physical activity can still be a constructive coping mechanism, gives temporary relief or distraction from negative thoughts, and be an integral part of self-care, all of which contribute to the management of depressive symptoms.

Relationships :

Focus on people who lift you up.
Interacting frequently with others will help you a lot in overcoming Depression (With the people who support you and make you achieve) Don’t spend the time alone though you were an introvert try to balance the time with the surrounded people.

Sleep Regularly :

Try to keep a fixed sleep schedule.
Maintaining sleep regularly will help you overcome depression. “Regular sleep” in the sense of a good balance between not too little and not too much sleep. In the present scenario, it is well known that most people used to sleep in the late nights, and waking up late the next day is a sure-fire way to feed depression. This culture should be eliminated permanently those who are suffering from depression and solving any problems related to work should also be avoided in the late nights


Engagement :

Stay in the present.
Staying in the present will help you drive out of depression it is also known as mindfulness. People suffering from depression will face a major symptom of self-judgment and they themselves put them down in any aspect. It is hard not to turn off the self-judgment, but it can be brought back to the present. Results from the research state that people with higher self-compassion also have higher self-confidence.

Your Goals :

Set your goals and achieve them.
Most people feel uncomfortable when asked what their goals are because they set unreasonable or unworkable goals. Set a Goal and it should be workable because by setting these workable goals one should work hard which helps to divert the mind into some physical and mental activity as a result depression may wipe off. If something goes wrong with your goal don’t get depressed with it, learn what you can from the failure. Stop comparing your progress of goals with others.

Pleasant Events :

Schedule pleasant activities.
Planning something pleasant as an activity daily will help you get out of the depression problem. For example, if you are in mood fluctuations give yourself “vacation” time like listening to music or reading inspiring books like “THINK LIKE A MONK” do the activities like these daily. Take some time and look at what went well in the entire day.

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