Factors that Lead to Drug Abuse

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Heredity is a major risk factor for addiction Half of your risk addiction to drugs is based on genetic if you have family members who are addicted to a drug you are more likely to experience it tom


The environment can also influence the risk of addiction for children and toons, lack of parental involvement can lead to a greater risk of taking drugs. Pour pressure also attributed to the increased risk factor of drug addiction


Dual diagnoses mean that you have both addictive and mental disorders. An underlying mental health issue can increase the risk of addiction


Early use of drugs during the young adult period is another risk factor for addiction. Addictive behaviour when you’re can impact your brain development so making you prone to mental disorder


Using drugs that cause physical addiction such as opioids and stimulants may cause you to use more often and at higher doses to prevent withdrawal symptoms. This will speed up the process of addiction.


Drugs that are smoked or injected into the body tend to be more addictive than those you swallow. This will increase the risk factor of addiction and they will start to abuse mars

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