Do you know that daily habits like diet and exercise affect your risk for cancer?

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Yes, several studies stated that poor diet and being inactive are key factors that can increase one’s cancer risk. But no need to worry there are certain ways to overcome this. They are

1) Stay at a healthy weight throughout life.

2) Be physically active

3) Follow a healthy eating pattern at all ages.

4) Avoid or limit alcohol.

These are proven by the studies. The World Cancer Research Fund estimates that at least 18% of all cancers diagnosed in the US are related to the above factors.

What’s a healthy weight?

It is well observed that in recent times most people used to have irregular weights. It means there will be an imbalance between their Height and Weight one should check the weight frequently and should do needful. Here the question is how to check the body weight imbalance. Here is the factor you should be aware of. Is BMI body mass index will give the score based on the relationship between your height and weight?

People mostly are at normal weights if their BMI is below 25. You should consult your doctor about what your BMI number means and what is action (if any) you should take.

Here are some interesting steps if you are looking to control your weights they are:

1) Watch Protein size: Foods that are high in calories may lead to overweight you need to avoid such types of high-calorie foods and drinks

2) Try to make a note of what you are eating for a week and then you check the weight and find where and what you should cut: It is quite funny but it will help you a lot.

Be physically active :

Physically active doesn’t mean that you need to walk or do physical activities the entire day. There should be a complete balance between the food you take and physical activity you need to sit less and move more it will help to improve your hormone levels and how the immune system works.

Important to note is – Physical activities can also help you to reduce diseases related to heart and even diabetes too.

So it’s time to start to grab your athletic shoes and head out the door!

The recent recommendations for adults call for 150-300 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75-150 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity each week for kids, the recommendation is at least 60 minutes of moderate or vigorous-intensity activity each day. Exceeding 300 minutes is a unique

Moderate activities make your breath as hard as the breath you do during a brisk walk. This includes walking, biking, and housework

Vigorous activities make you use large muscle groups and make your heart beat faster, make you breathe faster and deeper, and also make you sweat.

It’s also important to limit sedentary behaviour such as sitting, lying down, watching TV, or looking at your phone or computer.

Follow a healthy eating pattern at all ages :

Following a healthy eating pattern will benefit you maximum to avoid cancer. So be careful while you are having a diet plan consult the experts who can guide you and give you a better diet plan

Healthy eating pattern includes…

Foods that are high in minerals and nutrients

Foods that are not high in calories, and that help you get to and stay at a healthy body weight

A colourful variety of vegetables – dark green, red, and orange

Fibber-rich beans and peas

A colourful variety of fruits

Whole grains (in bread, pasta, etc.) and brown rice

Avoid or limit alcohol : 

It is better to avoid alcohol as it is the main factor that can lead to cancer or have a high impact on the cancer Alcohol increases the risk for several types of cancer. The more alcohol you drink, the higher your cancer risk. But for some types of cancer, most notably breast cancer, consuming even small amounts of alcohol can increase risk.

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