Cancer is one of the 10 leading causes of death in INDIA

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A struggling 14 lakh new cases are diagnosed and closed to 10 lakh people succumb to cancer every year in INDIA. Anyone living with a history of cancer from the moment of #diagnosis through the reminder of life is a #cancer survivor. It is estimated that there are well over 20 lakh cancer survivors at any given point of time in the country, major advances in cancer prevention, early detection and treatment have resulted in longer survival and therefore, a growing number of cancer survivors however, the enormous challenges posed by Covid-19 has hugely disrupted cancer care, with a unreasonably large number of people presenting late, with consequently poor survival.

The concept of recognising ‘Cancer Survivors’ Day‘ began in U.S in 1988, which is celebrated in the first Sunday of June. These years the 33rd Annual, world-wide celebration of life on June 6 has united Cancer survivors, family members and health care Professionals to demonstrate that life after a cancer diagnosis can be meaningful and productive knowledge, courage, hope and inspiration which can help to beat cancer. And this year, the key message to convey to cancer survivors.

Cancer affects the body, mind and soul. And therefore, just treating the physical being is not adequate, cancer can consent a host of problems related to physical, emotional and financial hardships, which often persist after diagnosis and treatment. Hence counselling is an extremely important component of cancer care, which ensures patients and their relatives are better informed, better prepared, and most importantly, feel more in control at each stage of their treatment and beyond. While it is heartening that “communication skills” has been introduced into the Indian Medical curriculum 3 years ago, there needs to be more focussed efforts made to ensure that it forms an important component of training and Assessment for Doctors pursuing a career in cancer care.

Out of complications grow miracles. A disease is nothing but the body signal to transform life style, thought processes and approach to life. Cancer is One such disease that can be conquered if one does not get dazed by fear and Un certainty. On this special day I take the opportunity to salute the cancer Conquerors and wish them good health, always.

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