“As we do audit for our business, we should do assessment of our own body once a year (Annual General Health Checkups). We should be aware of our assets (Healthy practices) and liabilities (Unhealthy practices) and work on growing our net worth (by lifestyle modifications). A penny saved is penny earned.” Six months back, I was talking in RGA , a community of all the renowned businessmen and highly qualified financial professionals on Body, Mind, and Soul Rejuvenation seminar.

cancer and health

In Hindi prayers (Om Jai Jagadish Hare- Arati) we seek from God for our Tan (Body), Man (Mind), Dhan (Money). It has to come in that order. Somehow we have misplaced our priorities. We need to correct them. The best place to live in is our own body and not any luxury flat or villa. So it’s our primary responsibility to have healthy body and happy mind. But nothing can be done unless we do it.

Let’s do it together….

When “I” is replaced with “we”,

even “illness” becomes the “wellness”.

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