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Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. think wrongly, if you please, but in all cases

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Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. think wrongly, if you please, but in all cases

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Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. think wrongly, if you please, but in all cases

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Dr.Sachin Marda

Senior Oncologist Surgeon(Cancer Specialist).
Robotic & Laparoscopic surgeon.
MBBS, MS(Gen), DNB(Surgery), Mumbai,
MCh, DNB(Surgical Oncology), Gold Medalist Fellow(NCCS, Singapore), MRCSEd(UK).

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I believe in comprehensive, compassionate, and complete cancer care with a patient-centric holistic approach.

To offer the best treatment to all my cancer patients from prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Teacher and guide for DNB Surgical Oncology, National Board of Examination, New Delhi.

To pass the legacy of knowledge and skills to the next generation of oncologist and to train them as better cancer specialists for tomorrow’s cancer-free world.

Social networking skills – Active involvement in various social organizations like Lions Club, Rajasthani Graduate Association, Mahesh Foundation, etc.

Excellent Leadership and soft communication skills – organized various Oncology Conferences including YICC 2015.

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Our healthcare professionals are always there to help and support patients’ fast recovery.
Our better work environment reduces medical errors and increases patient safety.

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Your safety and health is our priority. Get the most effective and personalised solution from India’s top most oncologists. Our multidisciplinary team is always there to solve your query anytime and help to arrest cancer at the earliest.

Our Patients About us


Myself Intiaz 23 years old working in TCS. I was diagnosed with advanced very rare synovial sarcoma of the leg. Almost all the doctors told me that I have to sacrifice my leg as I may need an amputation. I kept searching for the best doctor who can save my leg as being very young. Finally, Dr Sachin came into my life as God who did a commendable job with successful very long 8 hours surgery saving my leg and Dr Rambabu sir did the plastic reconstruction. I finished 1 year of treatment and fine now.

I am very very happy and satisfied with Dr Sachin as he has given me a second Life.

Sai Anvit K

I am blessed to find Dr Sachin. I myself a doctor and my relative from USA and Dr Phanindra suggested me to meet Dr Sachin for my mother’s treatment. Dr Sachin has performance is simply excellent and most importantly he is very much talented and very skillful. Best thing happened when we were in hospital is she underwent successful surgery for lung cancer and I cleared my MBBS exams at the same time. God is very much kind enough to shower blessings upon us. I am preparing for PG now and Dr Sachin is the motivation and inspiration for me. Thank you sir and team of Yashoda hospital for saving my mother in safe and mature pair of hands.

Sandeesh Rachakonda

” My father is Sarpanch from Mancherial and his friend referred to us to Dr Sachin 5 years back for cancer of tongue. He has consulted many doctors before but Dr Sachin is very much different. All Doctors told that he will not able speak after tongue surgery. Dr Sachin did wonderful surgery with very good results for speech and swallowing. Because of him he is living his healthy second Life. Thanks to God and Dr Sachin sir for all what he has done for us.

Chandu Maddi

Dr Sachin is the most trustworthy doctor in today’s commercial medical world. He is very simple yet very powerful knowledge-able doctor. I met many doctors in my life for various reasons but there is no comparison to Dr Sachin. He is like second God for us as he has given second life to my mother by treating her from breast cancer.

Dr Sachin is the best oncologist in Hyderabad

Let God help him to cure many patients from cancer. 

Gulam Vasimuddin

” I am very happy today as my mother has recovered from very major gall bladder and liver cancer surgery. We came to Dr Sachin from Global Hospital to get the best cancer treatment only from him. Believe me Dr Sachin is the best oncologist I ever met. He handled my mother’s case very carefully.

Dr Sachin best in the oncolgy field with human touch and very skillful hands.

Allaha bless him always.

Thank you.

Mwaura Mbuthia

I came from Nairobi Kenya for my colon cancer treatment to Dr Sachin at Yashoda Hospital Hyderabad India. trust me, I did extensive research about Dr Sachin on Google before I met him. He is the best dynamic expert oncologist in the world. He is very polite and gave me adequate time. He answers all my doubts very patiently and was available online and on phone also for any help. He is very talented and humble. God bless him. Thank you. I strongly recommend him for all my Kenyan and African patients for any cancer related treatment.

Ranjith Goud Madatha

“We came from warangal and having pharma business. My relative has <strong>oral cancer</strong> and Dr Sachin has done very good treatment. He removed complete tumour and face reconstruction done. Thanks to the team that he is so normal that nobody can guess that he has been operated for so big surgery. We all are very happy and satisfied. Dr Sachin has excellent skiils and knowledge about cancer and most importantly he is beautiful human being. Hats off to Dr Sachin and his team…

Jangam Raju

” We came from Nanded Maharashtra. My family has 2 cancer patients treated by Dr Sachin oral and rectal cancer. For rectal cancer patent, he has saved the natural passage for passing stool with new innovative stapler technique without a stool bag. Luckily both of them are fine and doing well since 3years. Dr Sachin is the best leading and we’ll known oncologist in India and in Maharashtra. We are very happy and blessed to find Dr Sachin. He is the best doctor wonderful human being. Excellent.

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