Head and Neck Cancer Treatment

Cancer that’s related to mouth, nose, throat, oral and salivary glands constitute the head and neck cancer treatments. Composite resections with reconstruction with local pedicled and free flaps for oral malignancy, neck dissections, total and near-total laryngectomy, total thyroidectomy, Cranio-facial resections for skull base, cutaneous carcinomas excision and reconstruction.

Head and neck cancer

Tumors that originate in the head part, or anywhere in the body and spread across the head are mainly associated with the head tumor. Head and neck oncology deals with the study of head tumors, head and neck surgery and the treatment related to head and neck cancer.

 The symptoms of Head and Neck cancer are persistent sore throat, trouble swallowing, unexplained weight loss, frequent coughing, change in voice or hoarseness, ear pain or trouble hearing and Headaches.

Some of the treatment for head and neck cancer are radiation therapy, surgery, chemotherapy, and many such treatments. Dr. Sachin Marda at the professional panel is expert at determining risk factor, diagnosis, staging and treatment