“Nothing comes close to such live inspiration and motivation.

Some patients are blessed as they get treated with best doctors. Some doctors are also blessed as they treat some best patients. And I am one of them.

Indeed, I am fortunate to treat Dr. Shyam Sunder Prasad. The legend in Ophthalmology, a global stalwart of Modern Indian Oculoplasty surgery and most importantly a wonderful human being. “

I was talking in the grand book launch of 

“ Tryst with Destiny “ 

written by Dr. S S Prasad about his professional and personal journey when he became victim of cancer at the height of his fame.

The thought process is totally different when a senior, exemplary medical practitioner becomes a patient especially a dreaded disease like cancer.

He has penned down his thoughts, feelings and actions during his cancer treatment which he says, “ A path of intense healing, self discovery and bouncing back to life with resilience.”

Each page is filled with fragrance of 

Unflinching Faith, 

Stead-fast Trust, 

Staunch Self-belief, 

Limitless Courage and 

Never ending Hope.

The book is full of positive emotions which really touches our mind and kindle our soul.

It’s a must book in our book self not only for cancer survivors, not only for doctors  but for everyone. 

I feel like the chosen one to  be associated with him during his cancer treatment since Dec 2010 and who emerged as the victorious survivor with a deep meaning and purpose to life.

In gratitude always…

Dr Sachin Marda